Are You Traveling For The Wrong Reasons?

by | Mar 30, 2016 | Tips | 2 comments

Are You Traveling For The Wrong Reasons?

by | Mar 30, 2016 | Tips | 2 comments

Traveling has never been as popular. Go to Instagram and you’ll see millions of amazing pictures of exotic places. Do a quick online search and you will find plenty of people that decided to leave their old lives and travel for months, seeing and experiencing exciting new places and cultures.

Backpacking and travel hacking have soared in popularity. Being able to travel with little money in your pockets is everyone’s dream. Money is still the biggest obstacle in our plans when it comes to traveling, being able to travel for almost no money, haveĀ helped to create a boom in traveling.

Traveling never been easier and everyone can do it, so is it really possible to do it for the wrong reasons

You Just Have To Become a Traveler

If you are not traveling, you are not living your life! You need to grab a backpack and start roaming the world whilst you are young, wild and see everything that the world has to offer.

There is a big pressure on everyone when it comes to traveling. Just look at your social media feed, all the people that you follow are living interesting lives because they are traveling so much and doing all these amazing things.

Traveling just to impress others and to show off shouldn’t be your motivation to get on a plane. Neither should be all the likes that you can get on a picture of a sunset in some faraway paradise.


You AreĀ Running Away

Sometimes life gets too hard. We get overwhelmed by work,responsibilities and bills. We fall out of love and get our heart broken. We settle into the routine, feel stuck, cornered, and every cell of your body tells you to run away.

Sometimes being away from the problem will help you see it from a different perspective. Other times it won’t help at all and may even make things worse. A lot of people use traveling as an escape and they get into amazing adventures, some even move to a new country altogether and start a new life.

Traveling should be an enjoyable experience and if you jump on a plane every time you are upset, eventually, you will stop enjoying it as much. The temporary escape that traveling provides will not last long and when you come back, you will have to deal with the problem.

You Rush From Place To Place

There is just too much to do, so much to see and experience. It’s quite normal to try and make every second count when you are traveling. When you rush, it’s hard to really enjoy something and the memory of that experience will easily fade away.

What is the point in saying that you have been everywhere, but rushed those trips and haven’t really enjoyed them? Take your time, be present in the moment and enjoy where you are. It’s worth it!

How about you?

Do you want to get more out of your travels and enjoy more when you are away?

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