Let’s Eat: Tapas

by | Apr 27, 2016 | Food | 4 comments

Let’s Eat: Tapas

by | Apr 27, 2016 | Food | 4 comments

Trying six or seven different dishes of good food while enjoying a cold drink and having enough time between each one of them to enjoy the company of your friends and the talk that you are having. If this sounds great, then you must try Tapas.

A bar or a restaurant that serves tapas usually has a menu of at least 8 different kinds of Tapas and in some cases, you might be presented with 20 or more choices. They can go from a simple plate of olives to meatballs or prawns. Other famous tapas include appetisers such as Parma ham, cheese, mushrooms or salads. Then you have a sort of main courses that include tapas made from pork, octopus, calamari, chorizo or tortilla.

You make your own eating experience by choosing different kinds of tapas. Not sure if you want to eat fish or meat? Have a small plate of both! Eating tapas allows you to mix and match whatever you want, if there are too many options and you are uncertain which one to choose, don’t be afraid to ask the staff which one they recommend, maybe you will discover something amazing and Remember, always, always ask for patatas bravas because they are amazing.

You can eat tapas at the bar standing up, or sitting down on a stool. You can also sit at a small table, it depends if you are in a bar or a restaurant. In more traditional bars there might be a lot of noise because tapas are meant to be enjoyed with friends and a drink.


Each dish has a different price, a typical dish costs about 3 – 4 euros, seafood dishes may cost up to 15 euros. When ordering from the menu you may see two prices one for Tapas and other for Raciones, they are the same dish but Raciones are just a larger portion and ideal if you are very hungry. If you want to experiment go with the tapas portion.

Depending where you are you might notice that the waiter or the bartender isn’t keeping a tab on what you ordered. You will be surprised how they can keep track of everything that is sold. I truly believe that they might have some sort of super power!

Once you finish your meal and are ready to pay simply ask for la Cuenta. Tipping is not expected, but if you think that the waiter or bartender was great and did a good job you may leave some small change. Usually, I round up to the nearest euro.

Tapas are one of my favourite ways to eat. Not only you can nibble this and that, trying different kinds of food, but they also don’t come all at once to the table, which means that you have time to enjoy both the food and your company.

How About You?

Have you tried tapas?
What was the one you liked the most and where did you have it?

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