Chelsea House – An Amazing Place To Stay in Cornwall

by | Jan 18, 2017 | United Kingdom | 0 comments

by | Jan 18, 2017 | United Kingdom | 0 comments

It’s hard to find the right words to describe our experience at Chelsea House so I will simply say this: “Best place ever!” 
I tend to stay in four-star hotels while at work, on very rare occasions we might even be lucky to get a better hotel than that. Our stay at Chelsea House surpassed any four-star hotel I’ve stayed in.

Chelsea House is a stylish retro-chic bed and breakfast that will surprise you. The dark grey carpet is fluffy and comfortable, the rooms are distinguished by a famous singer poster (and a number – but who cares about that), the beds are just the most wonderful and comfy beds that you will ever lay in and the room is just extremely cool.

First Impressions

Chelsea House is one of those houses that you can’t but look at, it’s well maintained and looks beautiful. As we rang the bell,  Sharon Retson welcomed us with a bright smile and knew our names straight away. She showed us the room where breakfast would be served and then, our room, we chatted amiably all the way and even got a map of the area and a few places that we could get a discount on food.

Our mini bar was stocked with bottles of water, fresh milk and a tasty treat – homemade chocolate bar (yes, it did taste as wonderful as it sounds). We also had tea, coffee and cookies at our disposal.

As I laid on top of the bed, my body melted away. Best. Bed. Ever!

The room was so nice that we didn’t even felt like leaving it and since we were tired from the 5-hour drive and all the stops we’ve done on the way, we decided to just enjoy the evening in our room – just us two and that mouthwatering homemade chocolate.

Breakfast Time

Sharon greeted us with a warm ‘Good morning” and her usual bright smile as we headed for breakfast. She told us about the fruit, cereals and juice that we could get and that she would be coming over to our table to take our breakfast order.

We chose the corner table as we could glance over at the sea. Sharon asked us if we wanted a rack of mixed toasted bread and if we would be drinking tea or coffee. We said yes to toast and choose to have coffee. Then started off our breakfast with toast, butter and orange juice.

After a while, Sharon came to our table and told us that the special of the day is avocado toast with bacon and a poached egg. I chose the toast and Dorota the scrambled eggs with salmon.

We took our time just chatting, eating toast and drinking juice. When Sharon came with our order we both went ‘wow’. We didn’t expect the food to look this great and it tasted heavenly as well.  Our avocado toast and scrambled eggs were washed down with a cup of tasty coffee and we were ready to start off our day with a very happy tummy.

It’s The Little Things

We spent the whole of December 31st away and just got back to the house by 6 pm. As we entered the house, Sharon and Nigel were just putting some glasses with champagne on a coffee table near the entrance.

They both smiled at us and we had a chat, we found out that Nigel is the amazing chef who cooks the delicious breakfast. We took a glass each to our room after our chat and got to the room which was clean, the fresh milk replaced and another packet of cookies placed next to the ones we haven’t had the chance to eat.

Perhaps one of the reasons why our experience in Chelsea House was so delightful was because of the attention to details, the unequal hospitality and how friendly Sharon and Nigel are. We felt like we were staying with that aunt and uncle that everybody loves.

stay in cornwall - chelsea house

Image Credit: Chelsea House

The Last Days

On the last day we decided to have the full English breakfast – every day we were having the specials of the day. We were truly sad to be going home and as we checked out in the hallway of the house Sharon and Nigel were waiting for us. We had another chat and said goodbye with a kiss and a handshake.

We promised to go back to Chelsea House again and since we want to visit more places in Cornwall we know exactly where we want to stay in. The Chelsea House is much better than any four-star hotel I’ve been.

stay in cornwall - Chelsea House

Image Credit: Chelsea House

Chelsea House Details

The house was built in 1908 and was the residence of a Dutch Captain and was fully refurbished by Sharon and Nigel last year – making it look this fabulous.


  • Free Parking
  • Free Internet
  • Baggage Storage
  • Non-Smoking

Website: Chelsea House Falmouth
Phone: 013 262 122 30
Email: [email protected]

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