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10 Travel Apps That You Will Love

by | Nov 16, 2016 | Fancy Stuff | 2 comments

Our phones became our go-to gadget for pretty much anything that we might need to do in life. They have replaced your camera, paper map, bulky guide and even your notebook. Without a doubt, your phone has made travelling easier than it was in the past.

Here’s a list of my favourite apps that I use every time I’m travelling.


It’s no surprise that TripAdvisor is on this list. TripAdvisor is my number one of all travel apps and my go-to app for pretty much everything. I use it when doing research on places to see, things to do, read guides and even buying tickets. I also use the map to check which attractions are close to my location and see if there are any interesting things to do.

App in the Air

App in the Air aims to become your personal travel assistant.  The App has a world map in which you can see all the places you have flown to. You have access to all sorts of statistics and information about different aircraft used, how many countries/airports you have visited. Finally, you can also collect different badges depending on the countries that you have visited.

With this app, you can also add your loyalty cards and keep track of all your points and miles in a single place. Other than seeing your boarding card in the app, you can  also get information and tips about your destination. These tips are left by other travellers .

App in the Air is great if you fly a lot and enjoy collecting badges and geek a bit about flying. Unfortunately, you can’t add hotels and other parts of an itinerary to the app.


Rome2Trio is a useful app if you want to know how to get from point A to point B. The app will show you various options, the prices and how long the trip might take you.  You also have access to timetables of bus and train services.


Triposo is another app that gathers guides, lists of things to see, do, where to eat, drink and where to stay. It’s similar to TripAdvisor, but with a different look and somewhat easier to find things.  You can also use the map to search for nearest things to do or see and in some cities (like London) you can also see the underground map within the app.

Day One

Perhaps you prefer using a pen and a traditional notebook to write about your trips, but sometimes you don’t have enough time to do it, or maybe you left the notebook at home. That’s when the app Day One comes in handy.

The app saves your current position on a map, it also records what time it is, how’s the weather like and how many steps you’ve done already. You can expand the list and add tags to your entry or set the name of a song that you might be hearing. You can also share a journal entry with your friends in social media and export the entry as pdf.

Google Maps

Google Maps is by far my favourite app to use while travelling. If you enjoy exploring a city by walking everywhere then Google Maps is a great companion, it’s easy to navigate with the app and find interesting things to do. Make sure you download the map while connected to wifi before you go away so you can use the app offline without any issue.

Google Trips

If you use Gmail you are probably familiar with the inbox card system for trips. The App Google Trips uses the same card systems and aggregates all your trips in one place.  If you press the card, you get to a new menu in which you can see your reservation, things to do, things you need to know, how to get around, where to eat and drink.

Google Translate

Through your travels, you will come across someone who doesn’t speak any English. You might even find yourself lost and in need to translate the name of streets or directions on a sign. With Google Translate you can download the language of the country that you are visiting and then use the app offline. The App can translate text directly from the camera view and even translate voice in real time.


The Airbnb app is probably the one in this list that I use most before leaving the house.  The app is so easy to use that  can get a perfect place to stay in a blink of an eye.  I love how quickly you can message the host and book a room, with the app you can also see a guide of the city that you are visiting.


TripIt is a real travelling assistant and if you connect your email with the app, all your flights and other bookings will be imported to TripIt automatically. Inside the app, you can merge bookings together, edit the details of a trip  and even add ways of transportation.

TripIt allows you to create your perfect itinerary and even uses Rome2trio to find the best possible way for you to go from point A to Point B.

How About You?

What are the Apps that you  just can’t live without while travelling?