Have A Gaze at Venice in Photos

by | Oct 5, 2016 | Gazes | 2 comments

by | Oct 5, 2016 | Gazes | 2 comments

A Beautiful Escape
Venice is a popular destination amongst travellers, take a look at this beautiful destination and know why.

Piazza San Marco

The principal square of Venice, you can visit the St. Mark Basilica and the Campanile. Expect plenty of people as this is one of the most famous places to visit in town.

Walk by the Sea

Make sure to walk along the sea, you can enjoy beautiful places. Look out for the Chiesa di San Giorgio Maggiore and follow the border of Venice towards the Museo Storico Navale di Venezia.

Stunning Churches

Most churches are free to visit and full of history. In this quiet square you can see the Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Miracoli in which an icon of Saint Mary appeared weeping.

Plenty of Bridges

Over 400 bridges and Rialto being the most famous of them all. Each bridge will allow you to take beautiful pictures.  This particular bridge leads to a covered walkway following side by side one of the canals of Venice.

Canals, Gondolas and Boats
The canals burst with life as boats and gondolas sail past each other. Keep an eye open for oportunities to take beautiful pictures.

Grand Canal

The main canal in Venice, you can see the famous Rialto bridge and the traffic of Gondolas, boats and boat buses – Vaporetto. Expect plenty of people and expensive restaurants around the Grand Canal.


Don’t just stay in the main touristic areas, walk around the town and get lost in its streets and dead end roads. You are bound to find beauty everywhere.

Gorgeous Canals

The canals in provide such amazing photography opportunities that you won’t be able to put the camera down.

Keep Your Eyes Open

Everything looks fascinating in Venice, keep your eyes open, travel slow and you will be able to take with you memorable experiences.

Leaning Towers

Venice has 3 leaning towers and Burano has 1. The one in the picture is the Campanile of San Giorgio dei Greci. The other leaning towers are: the Campanile of Santo Stefano, the Campanile of the Basilica di San Pietro di Castello. In Burano island, you have the Campanile of San Martino. Keep an eye for them!

Elegant Look

All over, you can see this elegantly decayed look on all the buildings, perhaps this is the reason why so many travellers fall in love with Venice.

How About You?

Have you been to Venice yet?
What did you enjoy most about it?

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