Road Trip To Windsor

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Windsor is located just 30 minutes train ride from London and has one of the official residences of the British Royal Family – the Windsor Castle. The Castle has been a home for British Kings and Queens for over 1,000 years. The Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest inhabited Castle in the World.

There is a lot to see in the Castle and plenty to walk. I’ve been living in the United Kingdom for some time, but I’ve never really been to the town or the Castle. So, when my mum visited us, we decided that a road trip to see the Castle would be fun.

Windsor Town

We arrived at the entrance of the Castle a bit late. We had a big, prolonged lunch and a little mishap with the Google Maps (it sent us to the middle of the town). By the time we manage to park the car and walk towards the Castle, it was already 3:15 pm. To our surprise, the last admission from November to February is at 3 pm, which means we weren’t able to visit the Castle. Dang!

It was a misty and grey afternoon, the lights reflecting on the wet floor, gave a golden aura to the town – it felt like magic. Since the Castle was closed, we decided to enjoy our afternoon by walking around town; we saw a crooked jewellery shop, the station, a candy shop and ventured the side streets, exploring until it was dark.

Sweet Treat Before Departing

As the sun went down, the evening turned colder. we decided to head towards Nero for a warm cup of white chocolate mocha and a piece of cake, before leaving and head back home.  Since the Windsor Castle was closed, we decided to come back another time to see the Castle from withing the walls.

 Useful Info

Fun Fact: If you see a standard flying from the round tower, this means that Her Majesty the Queen is in the Castle

Opening Hours:
March to October:
09:30 – 17:30 pm
( last admission at 16:00)

November to February:
09:45 – 16:15
(last admission at 15:00)

Adult: £20
Under 17: £11.70
Under 5: free
Family (2 adults & 3 under 17): £51.70

How About You?

Have you been to Windsor or the Castle yet?
How was your experience?

Do you know of any other crooked houses?
Where are they?