4 Simple Steps To Accomplish All Your Travel Goals

by | Jan 9, 2017 | Tips | 0 comments

by | Jan 9, 2017 | Tips | 0 comments

You are sitting by your laptop, browsing your favourite social network, talking with friends and watching a film at the same time. Without a warning, you feel this strange sensation that you should be doing something more than this.

You look back and remember your dream to travel the world. At the beginning of the year you vowed to travel more; now you realise how bad you kept that promise and that you haven’t really travelled much.

As a result, you will feel a bit upset with yourself for not doing what you wished the most.  The good news is that all you must do is a simple thing and you will accomplish all your travelling goals.

Traveling Goals - Coffee and mobile
Image Credit: Anete Lusina

Accomplish Travel Goals – The First Step

You can start today and start ticking all of your travel goals. The one thing you need to do is replacing the words “One day I will do it” for “I will do it.” Simple and easy.

But don’t go off emptying your bank account and book that trip around the world just yet. You might not need to do something so crazy to achieve your goal of travelling more this year. So, are you ready to get started?

Think. Plan. Execute.

Now that you know that you must change your words for “I will do it”.  You must be serious about this travelling goal.  Get a pen and a piece of paper and write down all the places that you would love to visit, make sure to include places that are close to the city where you live as well.
Traveling Goals - note taking

When you are done, look at that list. Go get a coffee and congratulate yourself because you just ticked off another bit of your goal.  Now think – why is it that you don’t travel as much?

  • If the answer is money – make a budget and start saving today.
  • If the answer is time –  attach leave days to days off and you can easily turn 2 days into a 4 days holiday.
  • If the answer is pets – get someone to petsit your lovelies.
  • If the answer is kids – great, take them with you!

You don’t have to go across the world to enjoy travelling. Get googling about places close to your home. Every city has beautiful things to see, so think about what sort of things you would enjoy doing while travelling and tailor your travels.

Travel Goals - adventure

You deserve to travel more, so making a few sacrifices might be worth if that means that you will start living a life of travel and adventure. Most people only go on holidays once or twice a year, go on a short holiday three times a year and you are already beating them!

So what are you waiting for? Get planning and get going!

How About You?

What is your biggest travel goal that you want to achieve?
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