Travelogue Journal

by | Mar 9, 2016 | Fancy Stuff | 0 comments

Travelogue Journal

by | Mar 9, 2016 | Fancy Stuff | 0 comments

You read Travelogue – a new journey with every page on the package cover. Inside you have a combination of goodies, a journal divided into smart sections and maps for you to play with, by scratching the countries that you have visited.

The biggest reason why I wanted to own this journal was because of those maps. It was the first time I’ve seen something like it and they seemed like the coolest idea ever. Later on, I’ve found out that you can even buy a whole world map to put on your wall that works the same way.

The Journal

The Journal is well presented, the cover is simple, the pages thick enough for you to use any kind of pen without worry about ink passing to the next page. It has everything you might need on a journal, not only for planning a trip but for using it while traveling as well.

The initial pages are all about you. They have important fields for you to fill up with information such as medical notes, travel insurance, allergies and your “in case of emergency” contact.
Then you have the section for you to plan your trip. A place to write down your itinerary, important notes, your budget, a list of activities and the important checklist, already half filled with the most common things that you might need.
After those sections, you have the actual diary pages where each page is divided by day and place. The journal has plenty of pages for you to write on. If you need even more space, at the end of the journal you have pages for notes that you can use.

The final section of the journal contains a place for you to keep track of your expenses, an extensive contact list, a page to track all the postcards sent and useful information such as common phrases in three different languages – English, French and Spanish.

Final Thoughts

Overall the journal is a good buy. The price can be a bit more than what you might want to pay for one journal trip, but the scratch maps could be a good reason to buy it.

The quality of the journal is really good and I’ve loved the feeling of the thick pages between my fingers and how it’s divided. This was the journal that I’ve used on my travel to Sharm-El-Sheikh.

How About You?

Are you looking for a journal to take with you on your next trip? Why not give this journal a go?

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